Goodyear Rt-5d Tires

Bias Ply L-5 OTR Rock Traction Design Tire for Severe Conditions Where Traction is Also Required.


  • Innovative CAD developed tread design
  • Hi-Stability carcass technology
  • Wide and massive non-directional tread design
  • Vibration on hard surfaces reduced by 30% (vs RT-5C)


  • Delivers high protection against impact and shocks, outstanding traction performance and longevity in the 'front of quarry' application in difficult industrial operations as well as in recycling
  • Contributes to tire live extension in aggressive environments, protecting the sidewall and offering a robust bead area to carry up to 25% more load per cycle
  • Enables transport of heavy loads like block handling
  • Offering operators the most comfortable working conditions


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