Belts & Hoses

To avoid unexpected breakdowns, it is recommended that you have your vehicle hoses and clamps inspected twice a year. Your drive belts should be checked every time your oil is changed and replaced, as needed. Tiny cracks from heat and wear left unnoticed can lead to big repair problems for a car owner later.

Don't ignore the tell tale signs of problems with belts and hoses such as the slapping and screeching sounds that come from your engine. Failure to attend to these problems can lead to roadside breakdowns and more expensive repair bills, as well as problems with your car’s engine later.

A certified Xpress Tire & Auto Service technician will complete a total examination of your hoses and belts and take the steps needed to properly maintain or replace these crucial parts of your vehicle.

Come visit one of many Xpress Tire & Auto Service locations. Trust the people who are qualified to work on your car.

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