Wheel Alignments

Many times a wheel alignment issue may not seem like a big deal, but proper wheel alignment, along with a tire rotation, is not only necessary for even tread wear and precise steering, but will also save you money at the pump.

At Xpress Tire, our expert technicians can diagnose the wheel alignment issue and get you back on the road. Most of the time, when your wheels need alignment, you experience:

  • Constant pulling to one side
  • Shimmy in your steering wheel
  • Irregular or premature wear patterns on tires

Need a wheel alignment? Find the closest Xpress Tire location and make an appointment. Some locations may not offer this service. Check with your local service station.

With years under our belt and all the newest, advanced technology, we are equipped to get your wheel alignment done right the first time.

We know a properly aligned car is not only safer and more comfortable to drive, but also will get you significantly better gas mileage. We are passionate about our customers and about cars. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle without spending a fortune.

And don’t forget to ask about our tire rotations!

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