Fluid Exchanges

Just as oil changes are essential to keep your engine running at its best; it is recommended that all of the fluids in your automobile be changed regularly to maintain proper performance. We offer:

  • Brake Fluid Flush and Fill
    Recommended to extend the life of your brake system
  • Cooling System Flush and Fill
    Removes corrosion and grime in your entire cooling system
  • Fuel Injection System Flush and Fill
    Removes deposits and increases performance and gas mileage
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush and Fill
    Recommended for ease of steering and prolonging component life
  • Transmission Flush and Fill
    Recommended to keep your transmission performing properly

Have one of our expert technicians check your car’s fluids when getting a tire rotation, new tires, an oil change, or having any of our many other services performed on your car. Fluid exchange takes only a small amount of time, but can have big effects on how your car runs now and for many years to come.

Come visit one of many Xpress Tire & Auto Service locations. Trust the people who are qualified to work on your car.

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