General Grabber AT3 Tires

All Terrain Passenger SUV, Pick-Up and Off Road Vehicle Tire for 50% On and 50% off Road Use.


  • Innovative pattern design with edges that interlock with loose surfaces
  • Tread with robust compound and reinforced blocks and ultra-high strength steel belts
  • Uniform block geometry and optimized tread block orientation
  • Open tread shoulder
  • Stacked deflection ribs
  • Rim protection rib


  • Achieves exceptional off-road grip
  • Ensures long tire life, even in rugged terrain, and delivers confident stability under all approved load conditions
  • For smooth interaction with the surface and allows a comfortable and pleasant on-road drive
  • Protects the upper sidewall area against penetration
  • Shields the tire and wheel bead area from damage caused by curbs and off-road obstacles
  • Ensures efficient self-cleaning for added mud traction


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