Dunlop Geomax Mx71 Tires

Bias Ply Motocross Motorcycle Tire Designed for Hard-Pack/Blue-Groove Conditions While Also Crossing Over Well into Intermediate Terrain Conditions.


  • Profile design features more tread volume in the shoulders
  • Directional front tire pattern and geometric shoulder-block shape
  • Directional and asymmetric rear tire pattern plus “Double Tornado Wave” rear tire block distribution
  • Unique placement of “camber traction blocks”
  • Dunlop Geomax Reinforced Pattern™ (GRP) design
  • Variable spacing between center tread blocks
  • Recessed biting edges


  • For enhanced cornering grip
  • For enhanced braking grip and cornering traction, and enhanced slide control
  • For optimum traction and braking ability
  • For optimum lean-angle traction and grip when exiting corners
  • For enhanced wear and resistance to tread block tearing
  • For enhanced performance
  • Enhanced traction for greater grip throughout a wide range of terrain conditions


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