Dunlop Geomax Mx52 Tires

Bias Ply Motocross Motorcycle Tire Designed for Intermediate to Hard Terrain Applications.


  • Recess carcass design (CTCS) offers more knob flex and less knob tearing
  • Patented "block-within-a-block" knobs (PCBT)on rear tire
  • Controlled-rebound rubber element in sidewall and staggered distribution of center blocks on rear tire
  • Directional tread pattern and unique tread block distribution


  • Enhanced handling, feel, steering accuracy, knob durability and superior bump absorption
  • Offer more progressive cornering action and aids in slide control
  • Damps out bounce, spreads the load and helps with impact damping and stability, especially in whoops and hard-pack conditions
  • Offers great traction and steering feel


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